Those clever people at Serato has just dropped Serato Sample v2.0. Building upon the success of its previous version, it's the first professional plug-in to incorporate audio stem-separation into its widely popular sampling workflow. This is the ultimate in game-changing software for your favourite DAW. Add into the mix Serato’s famous built-in Pitch ‘n Time algorithm and you get the best time-stretching and key-shifting quality on the market. 

Sample v2.0  adds additional weight to an enviable list of Serato Sample’s features, including: key detection and shifting, BPM sync and shift, Pitch ’n Time algorithm quality, dynamic color-coded waveforms, and the ability to instantly ‘find samples’ to inspire, experiment, and create music rapidly.

The importance of stems
Democratizing the availability of high-quality, real-time stem isolation in the sampling workflow is set to change the future of Hip Hop and popular music production.

Stem-separation had previously only been available to consumers in single-purpose solutions (paid services, stem-separator plugins etc) or as part of larger digital audio editing suites. These solutions are well known within the production community but have varying levels of ease-of-use, quality, cost – often substituting UX and creative flow for complex and robust sound editing capabilities.

Now Stems is incorporated into the broader sampling workflow, music producers don’t just chop, flip and manipulate samples in a 2-dimensional, linear sense; they are now working in 3D with the ability to extract and unveil the track layers buried within their samples to unveil a previously unimaginable range of creative possibilities.

Serato Studio 2.0 has landed, and it’s packed full of incredible features. you can now dscover infinite possibilities for sampling and unique sound creation with Serato Stems. It has never been easier to get your music seen on social media with the new Serato Visualizer audiovisual tool, and even get a free month of full access to Studio with Guest Passes.