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Archiware has over the years grown to be one of the most successful data  backup and archiving software for the music and broadcast industries. Initially designed in 2002 for Enterprise clients with enormous data requirements, Archiware has produced a series of products to suit everyone from small content creators to the mega-sized organizations.


Secure Browser GUI

The web admin can use either http or https protocols for added security

Remote administration of P5 modules via a public network can be secured through the use of SSL.

Main Features

  • Protect data on all levels in ONE solution: Archive, Backup, Cloning/Replication
    Quick install + Easy to use
  • Give access to all in the company to Backup + Archive
  • Save time finding files with Archive as Single Source of truth
  • Save money and storage by migrating file storage Archive
  • Keep investment future proof and flexible: using disk, tape and cloud storage; OS and storage agnostic; many partners and integrations


Archiware’s P5 platform is ideal for businesses in the Media and Entertainment industry. It consists of modules dedicated to the A-B-C of data management – Archive, Backup and Cloning.  Each module can be combined to create multiple-step security concepts to achieve maximum data protection. Archiware P5 secures data to disk, tape and cloud. It should come as no surprise that Archiware has many integrations with major partners, including the Ardis DDP storage solution.


The flexibility and efficiency of Archiware leaves others in the shade. In particular, the Archive module could be considered a mini-MAM due to its scale of customizable features. For example, you want to archive a feature but omit the rushes created by Person A, while maintaining those created by Person B? Easy. These conditions among countless others can be easily created and applied to your Archive schedule. Add to that customizable media thumbnails along with customizable proxy clips with combined searching and you have a solution that encapsulates automation elegance saving you much time, which of course also saves money.

Thanks to the universal compatibility, the P5 Platform fits into your existing storage environment. Investments in specific hardware are not necessary.

Resources can be used for multiple modules simultaneously – e.g. one tape library for P5 Backup and P5 Archive. If required, resources may be re-allocated to adapt to altered circumstances – without the need for re-installation and with minimal administration efforts.

Archiware offers support by in-house experts. Support and Maintenance are free during the first 12 months.

 Modules can be purchased individually or as part of a bundle.


Archiware Modules:

P5 Backup P5 Synchronize P5 Archive P5 Data Mover
Backup server data to disk, LTO tape and cloud Replicate data to ensure high availability Migrate data offline to disk, tape or cloud storage P5 Archive add-on for moving and copying data


Archiware Bundles:

  Backup Archive Sync B2Go Media Drive Server Agent Slots
P5 Desktop LTO Edition  ✓       1    
P5 Single Server Editiion         1 12 or 96TB disk/cloudloud
P5 Workgroup Edition       1 4 25 or 200TB disk/cloud
P5 Sync Edition     1 4 25 or 200TB disk/cloud
P5 Archive Edition   2 4 25 or 200TB disk/cloud
P5 Proofessional Edition ✓  2 5 (and 10 Workstation Agents) 50 or 400TB disk/cloud
P5 Enterprise Edition ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓  2 5 (and 10 Workstation Agents) Unlimited slots and disk/cloud


Archiware also make available additional licenses for expanding:  storage capacity, additional tapes or removable drives, Server Agents, , Workstation Agents, media slots and Cloud storage. Please call Mediapec on 01355 272500 for further information and pricing.

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