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Mediaspec is a leading reseller for LWKS QScan, the revolutionary Quality Control software. QScan takes the leg-work out of the quality check process, with easy-use delivery templates, powerful automation and comprehensive reporting.

QScan is quick, easy and automated media quality control. With various global delivery formats, QScan has you covered, checking files wherever your content is going.

Whether you are on a film set, in a post facility, at a broadcaster or working with third-party media companies, ioGates is the glue that binds all the delicate processes of film and television production together. From approval workflows over production pipelines to mastering, sales and distribution, ioGates has you covered.


By using proprietary technologies like “Adaptable Share Links” and the “Desktop App” complicated workflows are made simple.

ioGates Adaptable Share Links differs from other file sharing services by being profoundly optimized for media production. Sharing is bidirectional – all parties can send and receive content. It can be used as a stand-alone service or as a complement to your existing media management setup as the in/out gateway for media sharing and receiving.

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