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Mediaspec, is an official Reseller of Amulet Hotkey products., who produce seamless, productive, desktop experience. Their advanced KVM boosts user productivity and efficiency by enabling the creation of a seamless desktop experience across multiple workstations and/or desktops. Users can automatically switch from one workstation to another – offering flexible monitor layouts, of up to 32 monitors, which can be user configured through an intuitive graphical interface. Amulet's switches ensure that all user screens remain active, even while there is no activity, to display vital data and an efficient workflow, while still adhering to corporate power reduction/green computing policies. Screen savers only activate after there is no keyboard/mouse inactivity across all channels for a period of time.

With a workforce spread across multiple offices, remote locations and home working, how can you deliver and manage a solution which allows remote connection?

Amulet Hotkey designs and manufactures thin & zero clients, that are compact and feature rich, empowering organizations to be agile, removing requirements for their workforce to be committed to a particular location.

Intended for industries that will require a high level of processing power, our endpoints will deliver 24/7 reliability in even the most demanding environments. The result for the user is that the desktop looks and feels as it would at their desk.

Passively cooled and designed for non-stop operation, our secure endpoints provide the dedicated connection from your users to their desktop resources wherever they need to be in the world, whilst feeling like they are right next to it.

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MS North Ltd. Mediaspec is the trading name of MS North Ltd. Company registration number: 226089. VAT Number: 789 5999 19.