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EIZO Colour Grading Monitors

EIZO has been developing and producing high-quality monitors and display solutions since 1968 for use in office environments, the healthcare industry, graphic design, image processing, design and video production, video surveillance and air traffic control.

ColorEdge series stands for absolute precision and reliability. Whether you are a photographer, filmmaker, designer, printer, or other creative, ColorEdge faithfully reproduces every tone and detail with exceptional accuracy.

In-House Calibration

Mediaspec offers in-house color-grading monitor calibration services, ensuring accurate and consistent color representation for clients. With advanced technology and on-site solutions, Mediaspec saves clients time and resources while optimizing color accuracy and enhancing video content quality. Their expertise has made them a trusted partner in the industry.

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MS North Ltd. Mediaspec is the trading name of MS North Ltd. Company registration number: 226089. VAT Number: 789 5999 19.