The original MTRX was a real game-changer for audio workflows. This interface instantly replaced multiple devices in one 2u box, while allowing for the most complex audio routing configurations via its included DADman software.  MTRX II builds upon its success with new features while maintaining its exceptional sound quality. Greater I/O, routing, and monitoring flexibility allow you to streamline your studio with a single interface enabling you to replace multiple devices, connect anything to everything, and tune any room in your facility to get the best sound possible. 

Fetaures Overview
Streamline your studio—Get 64 channels of built-in DigiLink I/O, 256 Dante channels, and 64 MADI channels, plus eight option card slots and a Thunderbolt 3 option slot in a single interface
Get unparalleled sound clarity—Capture and output audio without any coloration—exactly as the sources sound—with impeccably clean, transparent, and highly detailed AD/DA conversion
Monitor audio in more ways—Gain flexibility with integrated SPQ Speaker Processing, DADman Pro | Mon monitor control, and a 512 x 64 summing mixer for full Dolby Atmos theatrical monitoring
Feed any input to any output—Route, split, and patch audio across multiple devices and rooms in your facility with the massive 4,096 x 4,096 matrix router
Expand your workflow—Work with multiple DAWs, connect to Pro Tools | HDX and/or a Mac or PC, route audio over IP with Dante, and add and reconfigure I/O as needed, enabling new creative possibilities