They say good things come in small packages. The 1u DDP10EF from Ardis packs a considerable punch with its blistering fast bandwidth of reading data up to 40Gb per second. This is the ultimate in NVME SSD based storage designed for the most demanding workflows, including:  Grading Suites, 4K and 8K DPX.

The 1u chassis comes standard with dual 100GbE/QSFP28 card, and can be populated with up to 10 NVME drives. Currently, these drives are available in the following capacities: 960GB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB, 15.36TB and 30.72TB.  It can be easily used a standalone server, or alternatively, clustered with another DDP via an optional expansion card. The world of audio and video is full of different formats, each of which with different bandwidth requirements. The DDP10EF will ALWAYS be the solution. The combination of iSCSI and RDMA-oF protocols will result in its optimum performance.

Clearly, those clever people at Ardis have been thinking of the future. The DDP10EF is geared towards today's and tomorrow's storage demands.  Contact Mediaspec on 01355 272500 for further details and pricing.