The Audient ORIA is a welcome addition to the world of audio interfaces. Designed with a dual purpose, ORIA is not only a powerful USB-C audio interface with 16 outputs, but it can also integrate into your existing studio setup as a standalone monitor controller via its ADAT Inputs or the Optional Dante Card. It is clear that from the ground up it was designed specifically for immersive workflows, and incorporates many features that are sadly missing from other similar products. Built for creating immersive audio mixes for formats such as Dolby Atmos, ORIA lets you calibrate, control and monitor multi-channel speaker arrays from stereo up to 9.1.6. 

Working with Dolby Atmos can be considered complicated  by many engineers, but the ORIA is deigned to simplify the process. Its onboard DSP Dual Processor Architecture provides extensive  speaker calibration while delivering low latency, thus freeing up valuable CPU usage from your computer. 16 analog ouputs allows connectivity to a gtyplical 7.1.4 speaker configuration, as well as cue outputs. Nearfield speakers can be easily attached via a pair of seprate monitor outputs. Further connections include:  two Mic amps, AES, and ADAT. Oh, there is also an optional DANTE board (fitted from factory) that provides 16 AOIP inputs.

Audient has also partnered with Dolby and ORIA officially integrates with the Dolby Renderer, enabling the user to take control of the renderer’s Down Mix functionality directly from ORIA’s user interface.



●  Supports up to 9.1.6 Speaker Setups
●  2 x 16 Channel Surround Outputs (Analogue & AES)
●  2 x Stereo Line Outputs (Relay Switched)
●  2 x Independent Stereo Headphone Outputs
●  2 x Audient Mic Preamps (Mic / D.I / Line)
●  2 x ADAT Inputs
●  Word Clock Input
●  Word Clock Output
●  ORIA Motion UI
●  24 bit / 96kHz
●  USB 2.0 / USB Type-C
●  SoundID Reference Measurement Microphone Included
●  Optional AoIP Card (Dante) for 16 Input channels

● ORIA Software

○  Onboard Room Calibration DSP

Per Output EQ
Per Output Delay
Per Output Trim
Per Output Crossover (Bass Management)
Profile Switching - Sonarworks Integrated
Configurable Global Bypass

○  Immersive Monitoring Control

Input / Output Switching
Master Volume Control
Global Delay (lip sync)
Individual Speaker Solo & Mute
Speaker Group Solo & Mute
Per Channel Metering (pre & post)
 Down Mix Cycling - Dolby Renderer Integrated
Programmable Function Button


● iPad Control App


Shipping at the end of February 2024, the ORIA is available to pre-order from Mediaspec now.