Unleash the Power of Any Plug-in with Your UC1: Introducing SSL 360° Link (Free!)


Own a UC1 control surface? You've likely enjoyed its intuitive workflow with SSL's channel strip plug-ins. Now, unlock the full potential of your UC1 with SSL 360° Link, a free plug-in launching March 7th, 2024.


Effortlessly control any third-party plug-in with the UC1's "knob-per-function" layout and SSL's renowned "virtual console" workflow. 360° Link seamlessly integrates your favorite plugins alongside native SSL options within the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer.


Start creating faster:


  • Streamlined user interface for quick setup.

  • Intuitive mapping tool for any plug-in, regardless of type.

  • Presets for popular plugins from industry leaders.


Available in AAX Native/AU/VST3/VST formats, 360° Link lets you leverage your existing plugins with the power and tactile control of the UC1.


Ready to unlock the full potential of your UC1? Download 360° Link for free in early March from the Solid State Logic website: https://solidstatelogic.com/get-started/uc1