PreSonus Unveils Next-Gen Quantum Audio Interfaces: Unleash Your Creativity with Pristine Preamps and Powerful Performance

PreSonus is proud to announce the release of their next-generation Quantum series audio interfaces, featuring four distinct models to cater to a variety of creators. The Quantum ES 2, ES 4, HD 2, and HD 8 represent the culmination of nearly 30 years of PreSonus innovation, delivering unparalleled recording experiences for musicians, producers, and podcasters alike.

Unveiling the Power of Quantum

Across the entire Quantum lineup, PreSonus delivers exceptional audio quality with high-performance signal flow.  Custom low-latency drivers ensure smooth recording and editing, while top-of-the-line converters guarantee pristine audio capture and playback.

At the heart of the Quantum series lie the all-new MAX-HD mic preamps. These meticulously redesigned preamps boast a digitally-controlled analog design, offering a staggering +75 dB of gain range. This translates to clear, transparent recordings that faithfully capture every nuance of your performance.

A Collaboration Built for Guitarists

For guitarists seeking an exceptional recording experience, PreSonus has teamed up with the legendary Fender® to co-develop the front-facing instrument inputs on each Quantum interface. These inputs are meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional tone and feel, ensuring your guitar parts shine through in the mix.

Software Suite to Elevate Your Workflow

Each Quantum interface comes bundled with a comprehensive software suite to streamline your creative process. The ES 2 and ES 4 include 6 months of Studio One+, granting you full access to the powerful Studio One recording software, add-ons, and sound libraries. The HD 2 and HD 8 take it a step further, offering a full year of Studio One+ with exclusive content, tools, and a perpetual license to Studio One Professional Edition.

Control at Your Fingertips

Regardless of your preferred workflow, the Quantum series offers unparalleled control. The intuitive Universal Control app allows you to monitor levels, adjust settings, and manage all aspects of your recording session directly from your mobile device, desktop, or tablet.

Model Breakdown: Choosing the Right Quantum for You

The Quantum series offers four distinct models to cater to diverse recording needs:

  • Quantum ES 2: A perfect entry point for self-made artists, the ES 2 delivers exceptional audio quality in a compact, desktop-friendly design.
  • Quantum ES 4: Ideal for musicians and content creators, the ES 4 expands on the ES 2 with additional inputs and outputs for more complex recording setups.
  • Quantum HD 2: Aimed at project studios, the HD 2 offers a 20 x 24 channel configuration, re-amp outputs for experimenting with amp tones, and a full year of Studio One+ with a perpetual Studio One Professional license.
  • Quantum HD 8: Built for larger studios and demanding productions, the HD 8 boasts a massive 26 x 30 channel configuration, re-amp outputs, and the full Studio One+ suite.

With the launch of the Quantum series, PreSonus empowers creators at every level to capture their creative vision in stunning detail. From the pristine audio quality to the powerful software suite, the Quantum series is poised to become a new industry standard.