Dante Domain Manager

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Dante Domain Manager is the essential hub for all Dante networks. Secure devices, manage users, organize rooms and functions, and run your AV seamlessly over routed networks. The new API lets you control Dante from touch panels, monitor status and automate workflows.
Dante Domain Manager is available for direct purchase or annual subscription with support. 

The API you've been waiting for is here
The API for Dante is included with Dante Domain Manager v1.5 and higher. It allows users, service providers, integrators, and software developers to write code that brings Dante control to third-party products. Build automations and extend management of Dante AV-over-IP networks to third-party touch control panels, monitoring solutions, help systems, software-based source switching and more. The API is made with the popular GraphQL query language for rapid development using common tools such as Postman, Apollo Studio or Altair. 

Dante Domain Manager key features
Dante Domain Manager is essential infrastructure for service providers, integrators, and managers of installed AV-over-IP systems. It works in tandem with our familiar Dante Controller application to bring IT-level rigor and scalability while retaining Dante’s legendary ease of use.

  • API
    Integration and automation
    Integrate Dante control into third-party products and services such as touch panels and monitoring software. Build automations that instantly configure your Dante network for any task, any workflow.
  • User authentication and roles
    Who's who
    Manage the use of Dante Controller with user authentication and roles that restrict what each staff member or volunteer can see or change.
  • Dante Domains
    Divide and conquer
    Organize your Dante system into independent, non-interfering groups of audio and video devices called Dante Domains for a clear operational view of each space, across your entire network.
  • Monitoring, Alerts and Audits
    What's going on
    A real-time Dashboard and Alerts let you know about problems before they are problems. A complete Audit Log allows you to identify improper workflows, malfunctioning devices, and unwanted user actions quickly and definitively.
  • Expansion
    Subnets and scale
    Dante Domain Manager lets you use Dante over routed networks easily with no change in performance, expanding the range, size and reach of your AV-over-IP system.
  • SMPTE 2110
    Interoperability in broadcast
    Dante Domain Manager simplifies SMPTE 2110 management, allowing sync with house clocks and integration with Dante devices.

Security and Control that grows with you
Get started with a Dante Domain Manager edition that suits your needs exactly. Dante Nodes (devices) and Dante Domains can easily be added to any Edition, and key features are available to purchase as add-ons.

Base Number of Dante Domains21050
Base Number of Device Nodes20100250
API for Dante
Enhanced event and alert filtering for detailed audits
LDAP and Active Directory integration for user authentication
ADD-ON: High Availability redundancy for rapid recovery
ADD-ON: SNMP support for integration with existing alert monitoring system
ADD-ON: Additional Dante nodes – up to 1,000 Dante devices

More Information

More Information
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