Avantone Avantone BV1 Mk II Large Diaphragm Valve Microphone

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The Avantone BV1 Mk II Large Diaphragm Valve Microphone builds on the success of the original BV1, utilising the finest components to deliver a sound and character like no other. Partnering with six boutique capacitor manufacturers, Avantone utilise cutting-edge design and custom parts to achieve unparalleled sonic accuracy.

At the heart of the BV1 MKII is a hand-picked, edge-terminated CK12-style diaphragm, complete with a custom output transformer, custom-designed by Cinemag, specially for the BV1 MKII. The BV MKII is truly one of the most versatile microphones out there, suited to recording a wide variety of different sound sources including vocals, piano, percussion, strings, bass and guitar cabs. Powered by 6072A low-noise tubes, the BV1 MKII delivers iconic vintage warmth, providing a powerful low-end response with smooth and airy highs.

Avantone provides everything you need, straight out of the box with the inclusion of a premium-grade accessory package. Complete with its own power supply and high-end 7-pin cable (custom-made by Sommer), you can rest assured you are getting the best possible recording every single time. Also included with the BV1 MKII is a wooden storage box for keeping your mic protected when not in use and a robust metal shock mount.

More Information
Manufacturer Avantone
Manufacturer SKU AV-BV1MK2
Capsule Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid, Subcardiod, Supercardioid, Hypercardioid, Figure 8
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