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Dante Domain Manager makes audio networking more secure, more scalable and more manageable than ever before. With Dante Domain Manager, integrators can define specific AV device groupings, by room, building and site, allowing for the creation of independent Dante Domains, and enabling a single Dante Domain to encompass multiple network subnets.
Dante Domain Manager provides robust security for IT departments and AV managers, including user authentication and encrypted control.
System managers gain complete visibility and accountability with a suite of dashboards, audit trails, and system alerts.
Dante Domain Manager is available as a virtual appliance for various hypervisors. It has an intuitive and highly responsive web interface for desktop and tablet browsers.


  • Key features of the Dante Domain Manager include: n Security:
  • All communication between devices and controllers is encrypted
  • The DDM provides authentication and access controls for users and controllers n Multiple Subnets: Dante name-based routing functions across subnets
  • Monitoring: All system events are logged and can be reviewed by administrators
  • Auditing: All user actions are logged and can be reviewed by administrators

About Dante Domains
Dante Domain Manager can support multiple domains. A Dante domain is a logical group of Dante devices. Domains can span IP subnets.
Dante devices within a domain support audio routing within and across subnets to other devices in the same domain. Dante label-based routing can be used. All devices with a domain are synchronized to the same clock. Each Dante Domain is an independent clock domain - this means changes in clocking in a given Dante Domain does not affect clocking in other domains.

Multiple Dante domains can co-exist within a network, but devices in one domain do not interact with devices in a different domain (even when they are controlled by a single DDM).
Domains are created, managed and deleted using the DDM user interface, by a user with administrator privileges (see Enrolling Devices in Domains). Once a domain has been created, you can add (enroll) and remove Dante devices, add and remove domain users, and tightly control the permissions for each user in the domain. A single DDM can administer multiple domains.

Dante devices store information locally about the domain into which they have been enrolled – so when they are power-cycled, they remember their domain and automatically reconnect to the DDM server.

Dante devices can only enroll in one domain at a time. Users however can be given access permissions for multiple domains. The top-level DDM administrator has visibility and control over all configured domains in the DDM instance. ‘Domain Administrator’ users, who manage individual domains, can also be created.

DDM features a user administration layer that supports the creation and authentication of DDM users, and allows those users to be added to and removed from domains.
When a DDM user has been added to a domain, they are able to view and (optionally) control the Dante devices that are enrolled in that domain. An unidentified network user – for example, someone who is running Dante Controller on the same Dante network, but has not been added to DDM as a user – is not able to view or control any Dante devices that are enrolled in a Dante domain.

DDM users must log into Dante Controller using their DDM credentials before they can access and control Dante devices in a configured domain. For users that have permissions for multiple domains, Dante Controller allows the selection of individual domains for viewing. Only one domain can be viewed at a time.
Users that have not logged in can only access devices that are not enrolled in a configured DDM domain. Those devices are referred to as being in the ‘unmanaged’ domain. Logged-in DDM users can also access those devices, by selecting the unmanaged domain in Dante Controller.
Users can be assigned different roles for different domains. The site administrator has full control over all domains and users on the DDM instance.
DDM supports HTTPS for the connection between the DDM user interface and the server.

Network Monitoring

  • DDM features a system dashboard that shows alerts and statistics for various system health and performance metrics. The dashboard can be used for general performance monitoring and for detailed event auditing.
  • Information available includes domain statistics, clocking alerts, security alerts, and device firmware notifications.
  • All users are able to customize their DDM dashboard.
  • DDM also supports SNMPv2c for integration with a network monitoring system.

For networks that span subnets, DNS can be used to enable Dante devices to discover the DDM server automatically, or you can manually provide DDM with IP addresses for your Dante devices.

For networks that reside on only one subnet, Dante devices can use mDNS for automatic server discovery.

System Requirements
DDM is provided as a virtual appliance for multiple hypervisor platforms.
The licensing model for DDM includes three editions: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
Each edition supports a different number of devices and domains, and the hypervisor must be configured to provide sufficient system resources for the virtual appliance based on the product edition.

  • For the Silver and Gold editions, the virtual appliances require a minimum of 2 CPUs and 4GB of RAM.
  • For the Platinum edition, the virtual appliances require a minimum of 2 CPUs and 8GB of RAM. For systems that include more than 200 devices, 16GB of RAM is recommended.

The physical host machine on which the hypervisor is installed must also meet the above specifications (with additional capacity for any other applications).

The API you've been waiting for is here
The API for Dante is included with Dante Domain Manager v1.5 and higher. It allows users, service providers, integrators, and software developers to write code that brings Dante control to third-party products. Build automations and extend management of Dante AV-over-IP networks to third-party touch control panels, monitoring solutions, help systems, software-based source switching and more. The API is made with the popular GraphQL query language for rapid development using common tools such as Postman, Apollo Studio or Altair. 

Dante Domain Manager is essential infrastructure for service providers, integrators, and managers of installed AV-over-IP systems. It works in tandem with our familiar Dante Controller application to bring IT-level rigor and scalability while retaining Dante’s legendary ease of use. 

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