AKG C414-XL II Condenser Microphone

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The AKG C414XL II Condenser Microphone is a world class microphone for studio recording, broadcasts and live performances, offering five selectable polar patterns to ensure perfect sonic performance in any application. The C414XL II microphone has a large diaphragm capsule that delivers a slight increase in presence and outstanding spatial reproduction, similar to the iconic AKG C12 microphone from 1953. A peak hold LED provides a visual indication when your level is clipping and accurately indicates even the shortest overload peaks. The included H85 shock mount minimises mechanical and handling noise, while the PF80 pop filter helps to eliminate plosive sounds and sibilance.

Studio-Quality Audio

The wide frequency range of the AKG C414XL II Condenser Microphone allows you to capture every nuance of your source audio as it was intended; paramount for studio-quality recordings. The C414XL II Microphone was engineered to deliver the highest linearity and transparency for a neutral yet beautifully detailed sound. The C414XL II is not only restricted to studios, its versatile nature makes it ideal for live sound applications as well as studio settings. At the heart of the microphone is a unique condenser capsule, providing a presence boost and improved spatial reproduction, similar to that of the renowned AKG C12 microphone. The wide frequency range and nine polar patterns, ensure you capture every nuance of your sound, with incredible detail and tonal accuracy. 

Nine Selectable Polar Patterns

The AKG C414XL II features nine different selectable polar patterns (5 patterns, 4 intermediate settings), perfect for every recording application possible. The five polar patterns consist of omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid and figure of eight, allowing you to choose the ideal pattern to suit the sound you require. There are also four intermediate settings, allowing you to blend between patterns for optimal flexibility. It also features three attenuation levels for further control, allowing close-up recording or high-output sources ranging up to 158dB SPL. The various patterns are ideal for virtually any recording applications, with each polar pattern providing its own unique characteristics and tonality, designed for maximum flexibility. For example, the cardioid pattern would be ideal for use with vocal recordings, where-as the omnidirectional pattern is more suited to ambient micing and drum overheads.

Bass-Cut Filter & Overload Warning

One of the most convenient features of the AKG C414XL is the integrated overload warning audio peak hold LED. The peak hold LED provides a visual indication for even the shortest overload peaks. This allows you to keep score of your levels and ensure distortion-free recording every time. The microphone also features three switchable bass-cut filter, designed to eliminate wind noise, stage vibration and proximity effects for maximum audio performance.

Robust, Roadworthy Design

The rugged yet robust design of the microphone is ideal for both stage and studio applications. The all-metal, die-cast body features a scratch-resistant design for prolonged and sustained use. This ensures maximum durability, ideal for use on the road as well as in the studio. The sleek and stylish gold grille helps to protect the internal components from any damage and unwanted vibrations, and it also helps to maximise audio fidelity. Additionally, the microphone comes complete with a universal shock mount, a PF80 pop filter and a W414 windscreen, designed to bring out the best from your microphone. Also included is a metal carrying case, designed to accommodate your microphone and accessories, protecting them while on the move, or in storage.


  • Sonic character of the iconic AKG C12 
  • Outstanding sound quality for lead vocals and solo instruments
  • Five selectable polar patterns
  • Three attenuation levels for close-up recording or high-output sources
  • Three switchable bass-cut filters to reduce wind noise, stage vibration and proximity effect
  • Capable of withstanding high sound pressure levels up to 158dB
  • Overload warning with audio peak hold LED
  • Includes a metal carrying case, PF80 pop filter, W414 windscreen and a H85 shock mount


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz 
  • Polar Patterns: 5, Selectable
    • Omnidirectional
    • Wide Cardioid
    • Cardioid 
    • Hypercardioid
    • Figure of Eight
  • Equivalent Noise Level: 6dB-A 
  • Sensitivity: 23mV/Pa
  • Signal-to-Noise Level: 88dB-A
  • Bass Cut Filter: 3, Selectable
    • 160Hz
    • 80Hz
    • 40Hz 
  • Preattenuation Pad: 3, Selectable
    • -6dB
    • -12dB
    • -18dB
  • Electrical Impedance: 200 Ohms 
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 2200 Ohms 
  • Connector: 3-Pin XLR, Male 
  • Dimensions: 38mm x 50mm x 160mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 300g
More Information
Manufacturer AKG
Manufacturer SKU AKG0086
Capsule Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Subcardiod, Supercardioid, Hypercardioid
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