iZotope Dialogue Match

iZotope Dialogue Match sweetens the ADR process

Apr 07, 2020 - 10:54

Those of you familiar with the craft of ADR know that matching the characteristics of a microphone's original recording to a replacement can be tricky business. iZotope have managed to make this process so much easier with the release of their revolutionary new software, 'Dialogue Match'.

Using all-new reverb, ambience, and EQ matching technology, Dialogue Match applies the reverberant sonic attributes of one recording directly onto another, giving your scenes environmental and spatial continuity in seconds.

Main Features:
• Match microphone characteristics from a boom to a lavalier, and lavalier to boom
• Automatically match ADR to production audio
• Quickly match localized audio to the original language
• Save and load global snapshots and reference profiles


Take advantage of the discounted introductory pricing on Dialogue Match from Mediaspec on our store.


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