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Bigmouth just got Bigger

Apr 07, 2020 - 10:53

Based in Glasgow, Bigmouth Audio has established itself as a sound post facility offering bespoke services to the international animation community. What started as a company providing voice recording in 2013, has evolved into one of the UK’s leading facilities offering multi language dubbing, ADR and with creative sound design.

Their wealth of international clients has resulted into the splitting of their organization into two halves – Bigmouth Audio, (catering to their animation and voice production clients), and Elba Studios (catering to their post production and music clients). As technology has grown, so has their equipment list. A recent acquisition, that has proven to be a huge success, has been the Avid Pro Tools S3.

Says Stephen Scott, Executive Producer: “We needed a controller that didn’t work with Pro Tools alone, but also with Cubase. We considered the S6, but thought that was overkill for our needs. Instead, we opted for the S3, along with its sidekick, the Dock.”

Creative Director, Philip Feenan, added: “The Dock provided us with the ability to have touch screen control, with encoders that could be easily mapped to the plug-ins. It’s a fantastic and useful feature, and works seamlessly with our Pro Tools HD setup”

Added Scott: “We turned to Mediaspec when it came time for this purchase. We have good history, stemming back to my student days, and I’m always one to support local business.”

Both Bigmouth & Elba have always been about creativity, and having the tools that stimulate their inventive imaginations.  Pro Tools software has always taken centre stage for their productions, and the S3 and Dock adds to an impressive pallet of existing equipment that has been used on countless successful projects.

Says Scott:  “We are not at the mercy of technology, but recognise its enormous potential. The success of broadcast providers such as Netflix has allowed us to see the benefits of our multi-language services. We are also keeping an eye on how Dolby Atmos is being integrated within a domestic and commercial market place.”

Eric Joseph, Managing Director of Mediaspec, is happy to have Bigmouth as one of their clients. He says:  "Bigmouth Audio just ooze creativity. They also spend considerable time selecting their kit, ensuring they maintain a high standard. The Eucon integration of the S3 allows its use in multiple DAWs, including Cubase, which they tend to use in their music studio."

Want to learn more about Bigmouth and Elba? Check out their informative and creative websites: 

Bigmouth Audio website

Elba Music website

The Pro Tools | S3 is available to purchase from Mediaspec. Fancy a chat? Contact a member of our team on 01355 272500

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