Avid Announces S1 and S4

Avid Announces S1 and S4

Jul 18, 2019 - 06:00

Today, at Connect Live in Nashville, TN, Avid have announced two new products!
AVID S1 and AVID S4. These would be of a particular interest to a small and mid-sized studios.


(expected to start shipping in Q4 2019)

A slimline surface that's an easy fit for any space or budget.

Mix big on a smaller scale
While Avid S1 fits easily between your display and keyboard, it packs a lot of mixing power into its
small surface. From motorized faders and knobs that respond to your touch, to fast-access
touchscreen workflows and Soft Keys that enable you to perform complex tasks with a single
press, S1 provides the speed and versatility to accelerate any music, audio post, or video project.

Get unmatched software integration
S1 is powered by EUCON, Avid’s high-speed Ethernet control protocol that delivers deep
hardware/software integration, giving you full touch and tactile access to a host of Avid and thirdparty
software functions and controls. You can even switch between multiple applications—and
workstations—at the touch of a button, providing the most fluid editing and mixing experience.

Gain extensive insight into your mix
S1 not only features high-resolution OLED displays, it integrates with the free Pro Tools | Control
iPad app, providing rich visual feedback to enhance your workflow. From track names, parameter
values, and automation, to S6-style monitoring, metering, and channel processing views, you get
the comprehensive feedback of a high-end console in a versatile surface for the budget-minded.

Scale the surface to your needs
Need more faders, Soft Keys, and/or transport controls? Connect multiple S1 units together to
create an extended, fully integrated control surface that provides more tactile control to handle
larger mixes. You can even seamlessly connect Pro Tools | Dock to S1 to have dedicated
transport controls, a jog wheel, focus fader, and more at your fingertips. 


(first systems expected to start shipping in Q3 2019)

Avid S4 brings industry-standard S6 power and workflows to budget-conscious pros and small- to mid-size audio post and music facilities in an ergonomic and more compact package that offers streamlined configuration and setup.

Avid S4 features the new Channel Strip Module (CSM), a single module that integrates eight faders and 32 knobs together with a new Function Select section into a single component fro streamlined configuration and setup.

You can further expand your S4 to support any worflow with up to four Display modules, two additional Attention Knob modules, one Post module, and/or Joystick module.

Get the power of S6 in a smaller surface
From its deep DAW control and fully integrated Dolby Atmos mixing, to superior ergonomics and
operational ease, Avid S4 gives you the same massive power, monitoring capabilities, and
workflows of Pro Tools | S6 in a more compact control surface designed for smaller spaces and

Take command of multiple DAWs
S4 is built with EUCON technology, giving you deep, unmatched DAW integration to access and
control Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro, and other audio software right from its touchscreen and
surface—even two different DAWs simultaneously.

Expand your mixing versatility
Stereo. Surround. Immersive audio. For music, audio post, and media education. No matter the
format, DAW, or workflow, S4 makes it easy to expand your creative capabilities, providing additional module options—including joysticks, PEC/Direct paddles, and attention knobs—to
support a variety of mixing workflows and opportunities.

See your mix in new ways
From channel meters, groups, EQ curves, and automation data, to scrolling high-res Pro Tools
waveforms, which can be edited right from the surface, S4 gives you extensive visual feedback
and insight into your session, so you can create incredible mixes with confidence.








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