When Mediaspec first began supplying educational establishments in the UK, audio technology courses were in their infancy. Now, they are standard for schools and colleges across the country. Mediaspec has supplied technology solutions for the past 21 years to both large-scale facilities and technology students working in their bedrooms.

We regard students as the future and we provide support to them through our annual student award programme and our online student discount scheme. We also work to bridge the gap between education and industry by providing work placements for students. This all fits with the Mediaspec ethos that no client is too big or too small for us to care about.


We are committed to providing the best possible pricing for students and education staff through our Mediaspec Education Discount Scheme. Any UK based student or education staff can qualify, and you simply need to apply through this website. This process is very straightforward, and once accepted, you will immediately be able to log-in, unlocking the door to many discounted products.

If you wish to make a discounted educational purchase you will need to provide proof of educational status. This can be in the form of an education purchase order. In the case of a student or staff purchase, then a staff/student card or letter from the institution proving enrollment or employment during the period you wish to purchase your goods is required.

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Mediaspec provides annual prizes to educational establishments across the UK to acknowledge the efforts of students working in audio engineering and sound design. Since 2012, The Mediaspec Award for Outstanding Achievement is one way that we give back to the industry, as well as support emerging talent.

To Mediaspec it is important to help young people develop their passion for audio technology, and having their efforts rewarded can be crucial to growing their confidence.

Past winner, Livia Nagy, a former student with SSR Manchester, sums up what the award has meant to her.


The world of digital technology changes at such a pace that sometimes it can seem impossible to keep up. In addition, making sense of a manufacturer’s manuals can be a tiring and unproductive endeavour. That’s why Mediaspec has designed a wide range of training sessions to enable you to get to grips with your new piece of technology.

Sometimes it can be quite straightforward to talk a client through a procedure over the phone, but there are other times when a structured training session will be far more rewarding and meaningful. It is for this reason that our training programs take place on a one-to-one basis with Mediaspec’s own Trainer, and involve taking you through the most simple to the most complex operations within your system.

Mediaspec’s Trainer has first-class experience of designing and conducting training sessions, as well as working extensively with Pro Tools and other digital audio formats in a professional environment. So you know that you are in the most capable of hands.

The courses available range from getting to grips with Digidesign’s Pro Tools software, learning how best to integrate your hardware and software, to working with sequencer programs and Apple Mac computers. In fact, the choice of training program is really down to you and your needs. Whatever training you feel is right for you, Mediaspec will attempt to structure a program that achieves the desired result.

If you are interested in learning more about this service, then simply request information along with your quotation, or even at any time after purchasing your system, and we will talk you through the options that best suit your needs.

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