Top Reasons to Upgrade to Neutron 2

Top Reasons to Upgrade to Neutron 2

Nov 30, 2017 - 01:04


Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 provide seamless, futuristic mixing and mastering experiences. Improvements in Neutron 2 address new challenges in the mixing space and aim to give you a deeper level of control and connection with your mix as well as first-ever ways of mixing. Let’s take a look at the new technology in Neutron 2 and how it compares to Neutron 1.

Top Reasons to Upgrade from Neutron 1


Neutron 2 Standard:
  • Remove bleed and create better separation in tracks with the new Gate module with hysteresis for smoother response.

  • Apply spectral shaping with improved Neutrino mode, which can now detect Piano as well as vocals, dialogue, guitar, bass, piano, and drums.

  • Create a custom starting point with an improved Track Assistant including the ability to set auto-release, ratio and attack on the Compressor, Exciter Drive settings, and more.

  • Control the pan, gain, and width of the entire soundstage inside of Neutron with the new Visual Mixer.

  • Get a warmer, analog-style sound with the new Soft Saturation mode in EQ.

  • Have greater control and analysis in I/O utilities: Phase Invert, Delay Offset, Panning, Sum to Mono, Swap Channels, and Stereo Width


Neutron 2 Advanced:


  • Route any of your tracks to the Tonal Balance Control plug-in, Visual Mixer, or Masking Meter thanks to the new Mix Tap plug-in. Enjoy the flexibility of using any plug-in while still getting all the benefits of our innovative new tools across your entire mix.

  • Use the new Tonal Balance Control to communicate with all instances of Neutron 2 so you can shape a perfectly balanced mix, set custom targets, and more.

  • Use each of Neutron 2 Advanced’s modules as individual component plug-ins


To try Neutron 2, download a free 10-day demo.




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