Save BIG!! Neumann turns 90. Promos Galore.

The Great Reveal as Neumann turns 90

Oct 01, 2018 - 02:49

The Roaring 20s, the American Prohibition, women get the vote (finally), the stock market crash, and among other momentous occasions, Neumann is born. Yes, it's been 90 years since that name synonymous with engineering quality, Neumann, came into existence. 

There are few brands that encapsulate the quality of a studio grade microphone as much as Neumann. Hand assembled in Germany, each capsule is tested individually, and so are the electronics. Neumann set their bar high, and each microphone is tested rigorously to ensure its maximum quality. 

To mark Neumann's 90th birthday, they are running a ‘90 Years in 90 Days’ special, which offers substantial savings on some of their best loved products. This month's promo, or 'Great Reveal' is (drum roll please), the classic Neumann TLM 103 microphone. Introduced in 1997, it was among the first large diaphragm studio microphones affordable for semi-professionals, and graces most studio engineer's top 10 list. At almost 20% off, you can buy it from Mediaspec on our store. Be quick, this promo ends at the end of October. 

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