Dollar Academy: New Studio

Dollar Academy purchase new studio from Mediaspec

Apr 07, 2020 - 10:49

Dollar Academy, a private school in Central Scotland for boys and girls between 5 and 18,  called upon the services of top UK audio reseller Mediaspec to supply and install the studio, consisting of a Tascam LM-8ST, HD1 w/HD Series I/O to HDX 8x8x8 System and Apple Mac Pro 3.7GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5.

The new studio is a significant upgrade on the school’s previous digital audio set up. The installation of the Tascam LM-8ST in classrooms allows students to easily give and receive feedback on their work, as a project from an individual computer can easily be played for an entire class to hear. This is set to benefit pupils studying National 5 and Higher Music Technology courses, as a large section of their course is to evaluate their own work and that of fellow students. This year Form Six pupils at Dollar are extending their studies with a suite of HNC units in Sound Production Theory, Multi Track Mixing and Audio for Multi Media. The new studio is an invaluable resource and it is enabling senior pupils to experience the best possible preparation for courses at college and university. 

Speaking of the upgrade, Greg Brown, Music Technician at Dollar Academy, said: “The studio upgrade has allowed our students to gain experience using a professional standard studio, which gives them a realistic idea of what it’s like to work in the recording industry. The upgrade has also enabled pupils to be extremely creative, as the studio can easily handle a variety of different situations, from recording a string quartet, to creating sound for film.”

Greg explains how the pupils have responded to the new upgrade: “The reaction of the pupils has been extremely positive. The opportunity to use an industry standard studio facility has enthused and encouraged pupils to be more confident and creative in their work.
“Also, the ability to share and evaluate work easily, through the use of the Tascam, has helped all of our pupils develop in terms of providing and receiving constructive criticism about their work.”

Speaking of the positive role that Mediaspec played in bringing about the new studio, Karol Fitzpatrick, the Director of Music at Dollar Academy, said: “The sales and technical support provided by Mediaspec has been excellent. When we had an issue with the audio equipment that we had installed, a Mediaspec technician would come out to the school to fix the problem.”

Eric Joseph, MD of Mediaspec, said: “This is a fantastic upgrade and we’re delighted for Dollar Academy that they are investing so thoughtfully and positively in the creative life of their pupils. Working with educational establishments has always been a key aspect of our work and helping Dollar Academy achieve their goals has been a pleasure for us. We wish them – and all of the pupils who find ways to express themselves musically through the studio – every success with their new system.”

Greg and the other members of the technical team at Dollar Academy have other plans for the studio also. He says: “The main future plan for our audio kit is to hopefully connect our classrooms, studio and live room together with both audio and visual links, so we can make the most of the audio equipment that we already own.”

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