DiGiGrid Appoint Mediaspec As First Scottish Reseller

Q&A with DiGiGrid's Dan Page

Aug 29, 2017 - 09:49


Q.  What caused Waves and DiGiCo to join forces to create DiGiGrid?

A.  When DiGiCo consoles required plugin processing, we turned to Waves who had developed its SoundGrid platform. This real-time network based DSP platform utilised standard Intel CPU’s for high channel count ultra-low latency processing, and with Waves offering users a wide choice of plugin type and function, it added a real enhancement to the consoles. The DiGiGrid product range was the natural extension of DiGiCo’s high quality hardware design and performance, combined with the power of the new Waves network DSP technology.

Q.  Who do you see as a typical customer for DiGiGrid products?

A.  With the DiGiGrid products providing solutions for several market verticals, we can easily divide the use into three customer areas. 

In the Live market, our typical user is the mix engineer, who will typically use our DSP and MADI interfacing products for recording and real-time processing.

In the Pro Studio Market, we offer solutions for HD based recording systems, adding cost effective DSP and high-quality interfaces for the professional studio.

And in the wider MI Market, our desktop range of interfaces bring performance and quality to all users who are looking for better performance and expandability.

Q.  What DiGiGrid product are you most excited about?

A.  The desktop range is really exciting, it has a unique design in addition to class leading performance. Ultimately, users have access to performance capabilities taken from DiGiCo’s industry leading £100k consoles, for a fraction of the cost.

Q.  As for the future of DiGiGrid, if you could look into a crystal ball what would you like to see?

A.  Network based interfacing offers many advantages over traditional USB or thunderbolt interfaces; for instance, it’s flexibility is unparalleled. Therefore, I’d like to see users discover the power of our audio networking that’s focused on productivity and added value. DiGiGrid will continue to deliver innovative products that sound great, look good and add creative freedom to recording systems.

Q.  If you could walk out of the DiGiGrid offices with one product in your briefcase, what would it be?

A.  The DiGiGrid D - the best sounding 4 channel recording interface you can buy.


Q.  What are the gaps in the market that you feel DiGiGrid products fill?

A.  The audio interface market is full of many options, at all prices and specifications. But from a user’s perspective, it’s confusing. DiGiGrid products offer users the choice of great sounding interfaces at every level, and with built in expandability. If you’re buying a small interface you shouldn’t have to make compromises on quality and when you’re ready to expand, it’s easy to add another DiGiGrid unit. For example, extra Mic Amps, Digital connections, DSP for plugins – therefore it’s the ultimate choice of interfacing with the simplicity of a single network connection.


Q.  What are your hopes for the partnership between Mediaspec and DiGiGrid? 

A.  Mediaspec have proven themselves to be one of the UK’s top resellers. They have a history of delivering cutting edge technology to its wide customer base and this is set to continue with the introduction of DiGiGrid to the Mediaspec portfolio.


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