DDP Update

Ardis Update v4 software

Oct 10, 2017 - 01:26

Users of the popular DDP shared storage solution can today benefit from a v4 update. The latest version, v4.00.019b adds the following new features and fixes:

1. Folder volumes can now be created while the DDP has activity (redraw blocked)
2. When in balanced mode, Data Locations with less then 5% free capacity are skipped.
3. Memory leak fix on first ddp volume mount
4. Blocks with zero mapped in to prevent error messages from apps accessing non populated V4 parts
5. Bug fix in the counter of free bits when regenerating the allocation map

Users still on v3 may require  a hardware update to make that major leap onto v4. However, it's with the effort, as includes the following features:

•  Introduction of the new Storage Manager providing configuration of SSD Caching
•  Improved file/Folder structure
•  Load balancing with adding storage on the fly
•  Assignation of Data Volume or caching for Volumes and FolderVolumes
•  Updated diagnostic utilities
•  FolderVolume enhancements
•  FolderVolumes can be created within FolderVolumes allowing improved file/folder structure
•  Super fast v3 to v4 file system conversion

Interested in upgrading or investing in a DDP system? Contact Mediaspec on 01355 272500 to discuss how  this reliable and  flexible solution can satisfy your storage requirements. 

Note: DDP Upgrades require an active support contract for qualification.

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