DDP Goes Hybrid

DDP Dual Path Technology

Apr 07, 2020 - 10:53

If you had an unlimited budget, then you would be tempted to use only SSD's as your means of storage. With its super fast access speeds and stable nature, SSDs offer an almost perfect answer for the user requiring a shared storage solution. Almost perfect, if it wasn't for the price of SSDs. Yes, the costs are going down, but they still remain price prohibitive for many users.

Fortunately, those clever people at Ardis have the answer - the Hybrid DDP. Combining HDDs with SSDs, the DDP software introduces caching, with a difference. You can control the extent of what is cached through the newly developed Dual Path Technology (DPT). Data locations for caching can be made on the fly, with instant effect. This is joy for users requiring seamless playback and ingesting of video via an SSD.

Want to learn more? Contact Authorised Reseller Mediaspec on 01355 272500 for a chat on how the DDP can be the answer to your storage needs.



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